By Katelyn Nerdin
By Katelyn Nerdin

The end of October can mean several things for AF high. The end of the term, Halloween, sweater weather. But there is one event that stands out from among the rest. Sadies. The first girls choice dance of the year.

The origins of the Sadie Hawkins dance go back to the late 1930’s. It began as a pseudo-holiday. On that day, namely November 13, girls were allowed to ask boys on dates, and even elope with them. It was part of the continuing women’s liberation movement, and it was widespread across America. As it was unheard of for a women to ask a man on a date, let alone propose to him, before this time, girls looked forward to this day every year, and took advantage of it. Shortly after this, high schools across the country started holding the Sadie Hawkins dance. The first girls choice dance in history. Things have really changed in the last 80 years, as we now have 3 girls choice dances each year, including Sadie Hawkins.

This year the theme was, the nifty fifties, so everyone showed up looking like greased lightning. After a plethora of day-dates and dinners, almost everyone agreed that the dance was the highlight of the evening. Each date was different, but overall the consensus was the same: a night, with great company, music, and fun.


Well people fall is finally here! The leaves have changed, its starting to snow in the mountains, people are wearing beanies, sweatshirts, having fires. Now that its starting to get cold your probably gonna wanna button up for those last football games that we have! A lot of people would say that fall is one of their favorite season! As Tanner Allred said “ Fall is one of my favorite seasons because its the anticipation for ski season! The snow capped peaks, bright fall colors just make everyone in a good mood and ready for the winter! I know I am for sure!” Hyrum Giles said “fall is definitely the best season because i can finally wear all my cool sweatshirts and winter clothes I’ve been dying to wear since i bought them in the summer! Its also great time to go have fires up the canyon with you friends and cuddle up next to the fire with someone you like, and snowboard season right around the corner of course!” So you heard it! Go have fun while you can before it snows and enjoy this amazing weather!


This week our Shakespeare team is off to Cedar city to participate in the Shakespeare Festival. Their choice in play: Julius Caesar. Earlier this week they delighted us with a feast to honor the King of the evening. There they did scenes from their ensemble of performances that will dazzle the stages in the City of Cedar in the coming days of the festival. The food was fit for a king, the entertainment fantastic, and the entire atmosphere reeked of renaissance style. Of course this couldn’t have happened without the amazing director, Mr. Johnson, and the students that worked so hard to put this together for us. We asked a few of the students, why did _MG_9823you choose to do Shakespeare, and what hard work was put into the production. Matthew Assante, a member of the ensemble, said, “I chose to do it because it would be the last show I’m in this year, and I really wanted to connect with some of the cast members, and I’ve never done shakespeare before so it’s the first time.” He continued, “The hardest thing is probably the language of shakespeare sometimes it is kind of hard to understand and totally grasp the message, but once you get it you get it pretty well.” Nathan Hill, playing Mark Antony, said,” I really love the language. I think it’s really applicable to today’s world. Everything that Shakespeare wrote about we can still apply in our lives today.” When asked what the hardest thing about Shakespeare he replied,” Just probably trying to understand everything because it’s not exactly the same language and things like that as it is today.” Cami Thomas is a firecracker member of the ensemble she said, “Shakespeare is really cool because it expresses every emotion that humans have to offer, I love going to shakespeare and competing because it brings me closer to the people in the department that I’ll be with for the rest of the year. I think shakespeare is kind of the basis for a lot of acting a lot of playwrights build upon shakespeare so it’s a good place to start at the beginning of the year.” She says the hardest thing after getting past the language is making it real to you. “When first looking at Shakespeare it doesn’t feel like it’s natural to say these words, so you have to find those emotions in yourself,so that you can use them to relate what those words are trying to say.” As Shakespeare said himself, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” These students worked hard and overcame the language and emotion. Based based on their performance, it looks like their hard work has paid off and they have become a fantastic team. The soon to be award winning team is on their way, and it looks like they’ll make AF proud. Good luck Shakespeare team!

Cavemen Victory causes Great Blow to Knight’s Season: Could this be their best Season?

By Hunter Lock

By Katelyn Nerdin

By Hunter Lock

By Katelyn Nerdin

By Katelyn Nerdin

By Breanna Bishop

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By Breanna Bishop

By Breanna Bishop

By Breanna Bishop

By Breanna Bishop


The date is September 25th, the clock begins to fade away, and with every minute that passes excitement increases; finally the clock hits zero and the students storm the field, their jubilant, American Fork has won the rivalry game for the first time in years.

What does this victory mean for the rest of the Cavemen’s season? According to head coach Aaron Behm, “I think that means that every game from this week out is as big as Lone Peak…now we’re playing Herriman, and because of that win, that game is just as big.” The impact of this game for their season is important, but for AF High, the fact that the Cavemen won the much anticipated rivalry game for the first time in eight long years far overshadows the statistical side. According to many Cavemen, American Fork didn’t just beat the Knights, they “destroyed” them, and that statement might not be that far off, according the 51-24 final score.

Though, this game is not the only indicator that the Cavemen could potentially have their best season in years. So far, the Cavemen are 5-1, and the Knights have fallen well behind, and are currently 2-4. Will this be our best season yet? Only time will tell, but no matter what, the Cavemen’s Football is sure to be interesting this year, and is sure to leave the fans screaming, “Proud to be a Caveman.”

The Cavemen will face Herriman next on October 3rd.

September 29 Update!

AF vs. Orem

The football game was awesome! It was a home game against Orem. We won 35 to 17.

  • By Breanna Bishop

Real Advice to All Students

Advice, especially directed toward students, is usually just an echo from other people and the common popular opinion. We aren’t all the same people though, and what we crave to hear isn’t going to be the same, bland thing. Sometimes students don’t really want to get involved, and sometimes just encouraging them to try their hardest won’t give them the passion they need to be able to. I went up to many students and asked this question, what personal advice would you give to all students to help them?

Brianna Bennett, a senior, said, “Sometimes in high school you feel like you can’t do it anymore, and there is too much stuff, but just take it one day at a time and take time for yourself; like listen to music, draw, or hang out with friends. Then do what you need to. Realize who your true friends are from the start so you won’t feel let down in the rest of your high school experience. Remember that no one is smart in the same ways, so dont worry about having perfect grades. Having a better GPA then someone doesn’t mean that you are better and having a worse GPA does not mean you are worse. Follow your dream, and even if you don’t know what that is follow your heart, because that will make you the most happy instead of doing what everyone else wants you to do.”

Leslie Vogelsberg, also a senior, said that “The greatest advice given to me was to not care much about what others think.”

Kendra Squire, a senior as well, said, “You don’t need and shouldn’t worry about everything so much right now; this is only one part of our lives, and life really starts when we leave.” She also said that this experience does not define us.

Naomi Blakeley, a junior, said, “Just being kind and respectful to others will get you the farthest in life.” She also said to find what you truly love in highschool and dont be afraid to chase after that.

And last but not least, my personal advice to you is that others love doesn’t mean or define anything; and you don’t need other people to believe in you in order for you to succeed. There are always going to be people that love you and accept you, and even though that sounds beyond cheesy, that’s real. Never look at your dreams and feel like you could never do that or become that; because the truth is that there is truly enough space in the world for all of us. High School is one miniscule part in our life, and its here so that we discover the kind of person we want to be. Make every single mistake in the world. Wait for something that you feel so passionate about, you can’t help but do it.

In the end, instead of listening to just the normal advice, find your own advice, because that is the advice that will actually help and shape you. The only thing defining you and your life, is you!

School lunch

School lunch, the illusion of eating good food. The question is, what is school lunch? Everyone loves school lunch, right? That’s what we’re wondering. Does everyone really love school lunch? We decided to find out. We asked various people around school if they really do like school lunch. Unsurprisingly many said that they preferred to go out to lunch on more than one occasion per week. In fact many of them said that they didn’t even like school lunch. The question is why?  Lots of the students said that they thought that they were gross and unhealthy. So I took the opportunity to ask one of the lunch ladies if they eat the school lunches and she said that she rarely eats school lunch. “It just doesn’t taste good” says Taylor Maag. Tanner Allred told us he has only had one school lunch ever and won’t have one ever again. “They need to become better at varying lunches each week and lots of the time they are gross anyways.” said Hyrum Giles.  So if school lunches are so gross, than what can we do to make them better? maybe the school could invest some more money in school lunch. We are open for all sorts of ideas. The questions is, is this a problem that can be fixed?


American Fork rolls past Westlake in Homecoming win.

  • AF vs. Westlake By. Breanna Bishop

American Fork took down Westlake, 44-28, on homecoming Friday night with a great offensive performance.
The Cavemen got the early lead and was a scoring machine the entire game. At the end of the first half, the Cavemen led the Thunder 31-14.
The Cavemen marched down the field making it look easy and finished off their first drive of the game with a touchdown pass from Tanner Smith to Ben Cummings.
Following a missed Westlake field goal, American Fork went 80 yards capped by a 5-yard run by running back Zach Katoa to make the Cavemen lead 14-0.
The Thunder got on the board when Stockton Rentfro intercepted an American Fork pass and returned it for a touchdown to cut the Cavemen lead to 14-7 at the end of the first quarter.
The Cavemen came right back and started the second quarter off on a good note with a 4-yard touchdown reception by Coleson Warley from Gavin Williams to increase the lead to 21-7.
But Westlake made a drive of their own, and quarterback Anthony Condie threw a 41-yard bomb to Timothy Forsyth for the touchdown to bring it to a one touchdown lead for American Fork at 21-14.
American Fork regained the momentum when Katoa finished off a 50-yard drive with an 18-yard touchdown run.
With Westlake poised to cut into the lead just before the half, American Fork’s Fili Tuafua intercepted a Westlake pass and the Cavemen eventually turned it into three points on a Jackson Nadauld 23-yard field goal to bump the lead to 31-14.
Westlake was looking to make a game out if it as it marched down the field and Condie threw a touchdown pass to Forsyth to give the Thunder some momentum and cut the deficit to 10.
But Smith had other ideas as he led his team yet again down the field and threw another touchdown to extend the Cavemen lead to 38-21.
The Cavemen wanted to seal the game and Katoa made it happen. He took a handoff and ran it 56 yards into Thunder territory to eventually set up a Nadauld field goal.
But on the very next drive, Westlake fumbled and American Fork recovered. Katoa went on another huge run — this time being 66 yards — but the Cavemen had to settle on a 20-yard Nadauld field goal to seal the Cavemen homecoming win.
The Thunder scored one more time but it did not make much of a difference in the final outcome. The Cavemen rolled past the Thunder will the final score being 44-28.
The Cavemen host Lone Peak this Thursday, while the Thunder host Herriman on Friday for homecoming.

Article by. Sam Gillies
Photos taken by. Breanna Bishop, Julia Mathers and Katelyn Nerdin

Highlights of Homecoming

  • Coach Knight stepping off of the helicopter. By. Breanna Bishop



With homecoming over and done for another year, let’s look back at some of the highlights of the week!

At the football game, we started out strong and ended even stronger at a score of 44-28 against the Westlake Thunder. Coach Knight came back to bring in the starting ball, and his entrance in the helicopter will never be forgotten. During half-time, we had an excellent performance from our very own marching band with their new show,  Bad Hair Day, and a performance from our cheerleaders as well. To top off the night, we had a fireworks show that lit the sky with our victory!

On Saturday, there was as much variety in dates as there are students at this school, with everything from a trip to the Space Center, to a movie. From a simple picnic, to tubing down the Provo river. Italian was on the menu for many groups as some popular places were Olive Garden, the Pizza Factory, and the Old Spaghetti Factory. Lines were long, but it was well worth the wait. The food was great, and the company was even better.

As for the dance itself, everyone had a blast, dancing the night away. Everyone we interviewed agreed that the dance was fun, but it was hot! Thanks to the Orem Library for letting us use their facility for this unforgettable Homecoming! Overall the week was fantastic, all of the students had fun whether they went to the dance or not, and school spirit was high. All in all, a great way to start off a new school year! What did you do for Homecoming?


Opening Ceremony

  • The cheer leaders By Breanna Bishop