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2014-2015 Student Council


On Friday afternoon, a group of students met in the library. Here, Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Berry and the current Senior Council and Student Body Officers announced the members of student council for the 2014-2015 school year. There were many anxious, nervous, and excited students gathered around the library tables waiting for the announcement. At 1:50, the current council members started opening their envelopes to announce next year’s council. Some hearts were broken and some spirits were lifted as the minutes dragged on. With 40 students chosen from the record breaking amount of candidates, there was a handful of disappointed students. But as Mrs. Berry said to all of the students, “It was a wonderful experience for us and we just want you to know that you mean something and you have a part here at here at American Fork High School. Even if after today that means you’re not a part of student council, you mean something to American Fork and there are so many ways for you to get involved.”

To those of you that sadly did not make it, I hope that you continue pursuing your goals and will hopefully try again your junior or senior years, if possible. To those of you that are now next year’s student council members, congratulations. You are receiving a great honor, privilege, and burden, and I wish you the best of luck next year.



President                    Cole Farnsworth

Clubs VP                     Savannah Smith

Activities VP                Paige Pulley

Activities Assistant    Sophie Baird

Spirit VP                     Carter Childs

Publicity VP                Bridget Baldwin

Social Media VP        Courtney Nixon

Secretary                    Robbie Epperson

Historian                    Jenny Carlson

Business Manager     James Riley



Service VP                  Brittan Young

Service Director        Afton Law

Service Director        Brian Thorpe

Public Relations VP   Haydn Bowden

Community Dir.         Matthew Gardner

Event Director           Whitney Hess

Event Director           Tessa Evans

Event Director           McKenna Brown

Event Director           Parker Shelby

Club Director              Abby McBride

Club Director             Ruca Watkins

Designer                     Estee Harris

Spirit Director           Jared Bradshaw



SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS                                       

President                    Cardon Merrill

Activities                     Aubrey West

Spirit                           Taylor Mangum

Publicity                     Jacob Harris

Secretary                    Maddie Bench




President                     Erin Garces

Activities                     John McDonald

Spirit                             Nathan Gray

Publicity                     Rebekah Mecham

Secretary                    Bailey Riggs




Davis Seegmiller

Madison Flinders

Madison Heiner

Noah Mclain

Kamryn Welling

Emma Vernon

Libby Clawson


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Out of the Crowd: Ending to “The New Girl”


gradAuthor’s note: At the beginning of the school year, I wrote “The New Girl” to kick off the new school year. Now the year is coming to a close, and not just for the school year, but for high school. I decided to write an ending, so here is my shout out to all graduating seniors at AF.

(find the beginning at: http://theforkaster.com/2013/09/12/the-new-girl-creative-story/)

Kaylee ran out of the front office and headed down the hall. She glanced down at her prom pictures repeatedly and almost bumped into other passing students, some of whom she recognized from different classes she had had throughout the year. She dodged another crowd, a skill she had grown accustomed to after the first week, though she remembered when she feared she would never get used to a new place. Lunch was over, and she made a quick stop by the library to pay a couple of fines. She wouldn’t want those to stop her from graduating. When she heard the one minute music start, making a note to herself to hunt down and interrogate whoever has picked this music all year, she back-tracked down the same hall in a hurry to reach her next class. She made it into the room just in time, but out of breath, and could smell the drying paint and glaze of their final projects for Ceramics 2. A couple of other girls she knew came over to her and gathered around to see the prom pictures, and to ask about the dance.

She had to take a minute to catch her breath, but then told them about the group date and some of the funniest rounds of Apples to Apples, before explaining the details of dinner and the highlights of the dance. They gushed about everything, being sophomores of course, and asked the common question of whether or not she had kissed her date. Kaylee laughed at this and showed them the secret handshake she’d taught the guy at the doorstep instead of giving him a kiss. She let them know “High school isn’t for finding your husband, it’s for finding your bridesmaids.” They all laughed at this, but soon lost interest and went to their projects. Kaylee had seen a few friends go through relationships and break ups, finding that, even though it is more favorable, it was better to stay away from getting into similar drama. She isn’t perfect, but wanted to leave high school without any regrets.

After throwing on her apron, first this time before getting messy, she picked up a brush to finish the final clear coating of glaze on her vase. She learned how to add different designs using several colors that flowed together, in this case, red, orange, and yellow, to give her vase a flaming look. She glazed the inside thick and dark so it would become a glossy black inside her masterpiece. It looked rough right now with the glaze just barely painted, but it was sure to be a great addition to the art show after it was fired. She smiled at the thought of all her previous attempts at projects while she was still learning the basics. She had made several lopsided mugs, and royally messed up when trying to hollow out a ball of clay in an effort to make a clay head. The outcome was sort of a head with a sloppy cartoonish face.

At least she had made a couple of animals that had turned out ok. All in all, learning experiences that just needed some time and practice. Kaylee was sure she probably wouldn’t have something she made ever win first place for anything, but at last she made something to be proud of. Kaylee spent the rest of class scribbling down best guessed answers to some homework due the next day. She finally called it quits when she came to the conclusion that math books were written by monkeys. She would need to go in early to get help from Mrs. Noble. Maybe she could stop by Mr. Collier’s room as well to see if he really shaved his head after losing the tricycle race at the assembly. (Word on the street is that he really did it. Mr. Collier, the Forkaster says you are AWESOME!)

When it was time to head home, Kaylee hurried to the bus to make sure she could get a seat before it was packed. The ride home was filled with random conversation between friends. Kaylee heard something about the Hunger Games and joined in. Two of her guy friends were discussing graduation, and “What if” you not only had to pass all of your classes to graduate, but you had to enter a hunger games between all the seniors. Survivors get to graduate. The conversation went into a debate over whether or not the Valedictorian and Sterling Scholars would be exempt from the games, or if they would get a fortress, owning the cornucopia, so to speak. This was followed by the debate of who would get what weapons/supplies, and whether or not your GPA would help decide. It was agreed that gym class would have taken on a whole new meaning if they were training for the games.

Kaylee joked with them, but was honestly glad that it was not real and she would live till graduation, and hopefully long after. She pondered how far she had actually come to make it to graduation. As a sophomore, Kaylee had been sure that high school could sometimes be deadly. Looking at it now, high school wasn’t too different from Jr. High. Grades became a higher priority, same drama, but the options became more widespread. There were a lot more experiences to live, clubs to join, and more paths to take that would lead you through to the end whichever direction you went. Kaylee stepped off the bus at her stop with her final resolve. She had almost made it to the end, and would count down the days until she could accept her diploma and through her cap in the air.

King’s Peak High

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.41.29 AM

Starting in the fall of 2015, American Fork High and Lone Peak are to be split. This will be to form a new high school, King’s Peak High School. Half of the students from each school will be transferred to attend King’s Peak High, while the other half will remain at the same school which they are already attending. The school is to be built along North County Boulevard and construction will begin late this summer.


Said Alpine District, “We recognize that this will be an adjustment for students, but numbers at both schools have become out of hand. King’s Peak High will be a unique experience, offering a variety of new classes and teachers, with all the latest technology.” In addition to this, we recently learned from an anonymous source that King’s Peak High’s mascot will be the Raptors, and their colors will consist of orange, green and white. Also, we discovered this logo from administration.

Furthermore, rumor has it that the staff will be affected by this, due to the fact that a fraction of them will be taken from their current schools and placed at King’s Peak High. Said a source from Lone Peak High, “This is gonna suck for everyone, because it means that we are gonna have to end this rivalry.” So will this offspring of these two great rivals be like it’s parent schools? For now, it is unsure. King’s Peak High has the potential to rule the state, with the dynamic music program of AF and the strength of the Lone Peak sportsmanship. Though ultimately, only time will tell.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

On Wednesday, April 30th, Mr. Biolo announced the “highest academic honor” at our school: the Valedictorian and Salutatorians. The new Valedictorian for the 2014 year is Conner Paulson! The two Salutatorians are Solei Smith and Jason Cannon! Paulson said [after his name was announced], “ I was really happy, I almost got overcome with emotion, honestly, not quite tears though.” Congratulations to our new Valedictorian and Salutatorians.



I’m Katelyn Nerdin. I am a sophomore. I’ve only been in Journalism for 4 months and I love it. I am the Director of Photography. I love to take pictures. Photography is my favorite. I also enjoy interior design and drama. I’ve played the piano since I was 8 and have been singing for 6 years. In my free time I like to cook. My favorite animals are turtles and I am obsessed with bubbles.

Kyle Rigby: Computer Technology

9842 Kyle Rigby-Computer Technology

9842 Kyle Rigby-Computer TechnologyKyle Rigby is the Computer Technology Sterling Scholar here at AFHS.

Q: Why are you interested in your subject?

A: I’ve grown up most of my life working with computers. My dad is a network engineer, so i’ve gotten heavily involved with that. I’ve also taken lots of classes like Intro to Information Technology, Linux Fundamentals, and I’m actually currently employed by the district to work as a programmer.

Q: What’s your experience outside of school?

A: I work for Alpine School District to program online websites.

Q: What was your motivation to apply?

A: I thought it would be a fun and interesting competition to see if I could do it and to see how far I could go in my abilities as a computer technology student.

Q: What has it been like, being a Sterling Scholar?

A: It’s been hard in the sense that there’s a lot of work you have to do for it, but I think it’s very rewarding because it teaches really nice interview skills, it teaches you how to work progressively on a large project. I think the interview skills would be the most valuable part of it.

Q: What do you recommend for the students who want to apply in the future?

A: I would say, do it. The more the better because you never know how far you can go in the program, and its really rewarding. It’s definitely worth going into.

I’m planning to go to the University of Utah. I’m actually going to minor in Computer Technology. It’s surprising considering how heavily involved I am in it. I’ve also got really great, great progress in science classes. I’ve taken AP Chemistry and gotten a 4.0 and then a 4 on the AP test and then AP Bio, I’m getting a 4.0 in that and working on that so I’m very interested in Chemical Engineering, so I’m going to major in that.


Nathan Porter: Math


Nathan Porter is this years American Fork Sterling Scholar in math. My first impression of Nathan screamed sterling scholar material. As he took time away from practicing the marimba to answer a few questions it only became clearer as to how hard working and dedicated he is.


Q) Why are you interested in math?

A) “It’s always come naturally to me and it’s nice to be able to apply it in real life.”

Nathan wants to be a civil engineer so a lot of math classes are in his future.  


Q) What is some of your outside experience?

A) I’m into a lot of music stuff at the school, mostly percussion (where he plays the marimba), I’m also this years national honor society president which requires lots of service.

Q) What was your motivation for applying?

A) I had some friends do it and I also kind of enjoy the extra competition.


Q) What has been your experience in the program?

A) it’s very time consuming but I didn’t find it very stressful. We learned how to give a good interview and talk ourselves up without sounding conceited.


Q) do you have any advice for future applicants?

A) Just apply, go for it. It’s not too much work for the rewards. You learn a lot about how to present yourself.


Q) which colleges have you applied to?

A) BYU and U of U. I got into both but I’m still deciding which school to attend.


Nathan did a great job representing our school. It’s a lot of hard work and we wish him the best in his future. 



Jessica Jensen: English

Q: What made you want to apply and why are you interested in English?

A: I wanted to apply for English Sterling Scholar because I love to read and write. Even as a little kid I was always writing or reading something! I also love to blog, and I’ve had a lot of success with my blog Beautiful Heights. This love made me want to represent the students of AFHS!

Q: What experience do you have outside of school?

A: My blog Beautiful Heights is probably my biggest claim to outside-of-school English experience. It’s just over a year old, and I have readers from around the world! I post about my experience being tall, other random inspiring things, and the occasional Disney quote. It’s really fun!

Q: What do you recommend to future students applying?

A: My advice is to get out there and get experience in your category. The judges love leadership, so get a ton of that-volunteer for as much as you can! Also, don’t stress. If it’s supposed to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, it’s OK! You just learned a lot about yourself and that’s fantastic! Enjoy it!

Q: What has the overall experience been like?

A: The overall experience in the Sterling Scholar program has been amazing, stressful, and fun. Basically, you make twelve new friends who are all under the exact same crazy stress you are and you get to meet together every week to get even more stress! But it’s totally worth it, and we had fantastic advisors that helped us cope and function. It was really fun, really scary, and really rewarding!


Kasey McMullin: World Languages

9848 Kasey McMullin-Foreign Language

9848 Kasey McMullin-Foreign Language

Kasey McMullin is the World Language Sterling Scholar here at AFHS.

Q: Why are you interested in your subject?

A: I’ve always just loved language.

Q: What’s your experience outside of school?

A: I went to a French immersion camp at BYU.

Q: What was your motivation to apply?

A: My parents spoke French around the house, and I just sort of fell in love with the languages.

Q: What has it been like, being a Sterling Scholar?

A: A lot of work, but it’s been fun to meet people.

Q: What do you recommend for the kids applying in the future?

A: Just focus on what you love and don’t give up.


Rachel Carlson: Visual Arts

9856 Rachel Carlson-Visual Arts

9856 Rachel Carlson-Visual Arts

American Fork High School is proud of this years Sterling Scholars. Rachel Carlson, a senior with high potential, is this years Sterling Scholar of Visual Arts.

Q: Why are you interested in your subject?

 A:  I am interested in visual art because drawing and painting have always been a part of my substance. One of my earliest memories I have was when I was two years old and my mom caught me scribbling on the wall with permanent marker. I’m also kind of shy from the get-go so art is how I can communicate or convey what I can’t always express in words.

Q: What’s your experience outside of school?

A: My experience outside of school would be whatever artsy resources I can get my hands on in order to teach myself how to do more art. YouTube videos, going to the amphitheater to sketch or to the BYU art museum has helped me a lot, even textbooks on figure drawing and messing around on Photoshop are a few more examples of how I get my daily dose of art.

Q: What was your motivation to apply?

A: To be completely honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was applying for, but I knew that if I got in then maybe I’d have a better chance at getting into the college that I wanted to go to. I knew that if I applied to be a Sterling Scholar then I could have opportunities for scholarships, and since I want to go into art for my future career, I knew I’d need all the help I could get in order to fulfill my aspirations. Plus I thought it would be a fun and new experience to try.

Q: What has it been like, being a Sterling Scholar?

A: Being a Sterling Scholar has been a big part of my senior year. All the Monday nights spent preparing portfolios with the other Sterling Scholars had been stressful at first, but it went by so fast that looking back, I actually miss those meeting with Apez and Holt teaching us how to shake hands and write aggressively. As a sterling scholar I learned how to represent myself, which is an extremely important life skill, and I now have a portfolio that I can use to help me in my future schooling or career. Most surprisingly for me, I made friends with everybody, and I mean it that they are some of the kindest, funniest, most talented kiddos I know. Really it’s one of my most memorable experiences.

Q: What do you recommend for the kids applying in the future?

A:  For those considering applying in the future my advice is:
1- just do it. Don’t be scared, but also don’t take it too lightly. You not only represent yourself, but represent a category/department as well as American Fork High School.
2- try to stay well-rounded. While it’s good to be a total geek over 1 thing, such as art or math etc., it’s also good to explore other areas. Doing so helps you to pull from many different experiences, which is not only fun to be involved in other things, but it leads you to meeting interesting people and going to cool places as well building yourself up to be a better person.
3- do not procrastinate.
5- The advisers who help with the sterling scholar process are flippin’ awesome. They sacrifice so much time to help you, so don’t be scared to ask questions or ask for help. Also don’t be scared to bring them chocolate cake, because they totally deserve it!


Esther Chang: Music

9872 Esther Chang-Music

9872 Esther Chang-MusicWhat made you interested in music?

Esther Chang has loved music ever since she was little. She started playing the piano when she was five. She has played percussion (specifically the marimba) since Jr. High. She has shared with me that it is a great motivator for her and has been all her life.

What experience have you had with music outside of being a Sterling Scholar?

She has taken many piano lessons and participates in band. She entered a  Summer Arts Concerto Competition and won. She was rewarded the chance to play in the Salt Lake Symphony.

What was your motivation for applying for the Sterling Scholarship?

Esther had a friend who had won the Sterling Scholar a year or two ago. Seeing her picture in the hall with the other Sterling Scholar’s pictures inspired her to go for it. Esther made it to regionals thanks to that inspiration.

What was your experience in the Sterling Scholar Program?

Along with participation in weekly meetings every monday, Esther was required to put together a 20 page portfolio and had several interviews, which included auditions for her category. She said, “It was hard but fun, and very rewarding.” She smiled when talking about the opportunities she had through the whole process. She said that she learned a lot of interview skills she can use later in life, and she became friends with many new people.

What is your advice for future applicants?

Her top three tips were the following:

1. Practice your interviews before hand so you have a feel for what you are going to say. This helps with confidence. Esther said to “make sure you have fun throughout the whole process”.

2. Make sure you take your time with your application, “Don’t do it all the night before”. Don’t procrastinate and manage your time to have time to fill it out and make complete answers.

3. Keep track of your accomplishments for the application and future applications so it will be easier to fill out and more complete.

What are your college plans?

Esther has applied to, and been accepted by, both U of U and BYU. She is favoring BYU and planning on attending this fall. “I am really excited for college and looking forward to having fun and studying with the professors,” Esther said.

Esther was very fun to interview. The Sterling Scholarship was competitive, but Esther stayed positive. She made me smile and is a friendly person. Congratulations Esther on being one of American Fork High School’s Sterling Scholar winners of 2014.

Giovanna Morales: Trade and Technical Education

9876 Giovanna Morales-Trade and Technical Education

Giovanna Morales: Trade and Technical Education

Displaying 9876 Giovanna Morales-Trade and Technical Education.jpg

Q: Why are you interested in your subject?

A: I was interested because, of my future career. I am going to Major in Architecture, with a Minor in Interior Design and Photography.

Q: What’s your experience with your subject outside of school?

A: I am in a building construction class that I go to first and second period. I have done everything from building the house to decoration the interiors.

 Q: What was your motivation to apply (in general and for Social Science)?

A: I wanted to try something fun and new.

Q: What has it been like, being a Sterling Scholar?

A: I have had fun learning about different stuff, from the other sterling scholars in their different subjects. I have gained a lot of new friends.

Q: What do you recommend for the kids applying in the future?

A: Start thinking of it now. There are a lot of requirements and it’s a lot easier if you just start working on it now.