Stay on Top of your Homework!

Stay on Top of your Homework!


Use every drop of free time you have in school on homework. You can get a lot of free time at school, Flextime and lunch are great times to get work done. If you finish your homework in school you don’t have to do it at home!

Find a study spot! It is easy to get distracted while doing your homework, create a station in your room with everything you need. When you have to get up and go somewhere to get something you might get distracted. If home is too hectic, try the library. Many students enjoy listening to music while studying, but teachers don’t usually let you listen to music during tests or class; it is best to train your brain to focus in the same way you may have to in a test.

Create a routine. Set aside a certain amount time after school that you spend only on homework. Let your friends and family know when you can’t be bothered. Focus hard! If everything is finished check if you have projects due later, if you have nothing, then you earned yourself some free time!

Don’t Procrastinate! Cramming for a test does not work, it is scientifically proven that studying in 30 minute increments over a long period of time is best for remembrance; that is why instrumental lessons take on the same format. Prioritize and get stuff done in the same order it’s due.

Do what your teachers tell you. Your teachers aren’t usually out to get you! What they ask you to do is what they think will work best for you. If they ask you to get an entire binder for the class, and take notes out of a textbook; they think that will help. Ask your teacher when a good time to come in for help would be.