Who is the Craziest about their Fandoms?

        Fandoms. They are everywhere and they can not be ignored. The Forkaster interviewed crazy fans of certain fandoms that have been or are currently popular at American Fork High School. We tried to find the craziest fans of each fandom and here is what we found:

002 (1)        Ainsley Van Russen is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series she has “ read the entire series 12 times, had 2 harry potter movie marathons, always quoting albus Dumbledore, and has been to harry Potter world 4 times in the past three years.” When she was in third grade she thought “that if I got struck by lightning then I would have the same scar as harry potter.”



12030953_1804800746413627_1564306785_n        Kaila Jackman has a huge obsession with Twilight. She manages “to make twilight references in every conversation”  She loves to see the many “Different Perspectives” That the book produces. If she met the author she would “ have a major freak out. and then after that, ask her what she imagined happening after the series ended.” She started loving the Twilight series around “Fifth grade” and has continued loving and obsessing over it ever since.


037        Logan Fisher is crazy about lord of the rings. He thinks that lord of the rings is simply “perfect and we have an elvish army” He “even learned Elvish” If he met the author of the Lord Of The Rings series he would “Bow down and kiss his feet!”




10349075_660992673986518_3493572945512518169_nOur very own Editor-in-Chief Hunter Lock is a crazy intense fan of the Hunger Games, and own a massive collection of memorabilia including: all four Mockingjay pins, a tribute jacket, all of the catching fire cups, the official mockingjay part 2 poster, multiple t-shirts, a trident, district pins, a Finnick necklace (including a Finnick costume of which he is likely to be seen cosplaying in), a district 12 bag. He also has been part of a Hunger Games podcast (Nightlock Podcast), and previously owned a site devoted to all things Hunger Games of which he won as Lionsgate’s official Hunger Games fan of the week. “I’m such a big nerd,” said Hunter.


As you can see There are many crazy fandoms around American Fork High School so if you are a “fanboy” or “fangirl” you are not alone.