Photography: Unleash Your Genius

Photography: Unleash Your Genius

Photography is an art that a lot of people are interested. Whether it be with your phone or a high-end DSLR you can still get great images, and autumn is a great time to get them. We live in a beautiful place where you can get some awesome images, being a photographer for the Forkaster, I would like to help you get the best images you can: I’m going to focus on how to get good pictures with iPhones because that is what most people have access to, if you do have something more sophisticated you can research tips on

When Taking photos with your phone the main thing to remember is that you can still take your time, it takes less than a second to actually take the photo you can still control what your taking pictures of: move lights if you have them or just adjust the blinds on the windows if that is all you have.

During this time of year use the HDR on your phone, you can also download apps that allow you to do interesting things with your camera, some suggested ones are Camera+ and VSCO cam, Camera+ is $2 and VSCO cam is free!

The best thing to do is just experiment; adjust settings take a picture and adjust again, you might be surprised by what you find. Download your pictures to your computer, if you have software like photoshop or Lightroom try using them, if not download a filters app to your phone most of them are free.

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