Back to School Blues

School. That dreaded word nobody wants to say until they have to. It drags us out of our cozy beds at five in the morning and keeps us up with homework and extra stress late at night. We feel our fun summer days of relaxation are all but a myth and we are pulled into the ever present, Back to School Blues. But how can we beat them? We at the forkaster have asked a few students at AFHS how they manage to beat the blues.


Nancy Cuevas

“ I thought about how easy my classes were going to be and that this is my last year of Highschool!”


Soyun Lee

“Get in a good schedule and do your homework early so you have more free time! DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Life will be 10000000x easier!



The blues are hard to beat. Juggling homework, jobs, relationships and extracurriculars is hard to do so it’s normal to feel a little down at the beginning of the year. But as these students have shown us, it’s possible to beat them. This year at AFHS is going to be a great one so don’t let the Back to school Blues keep you down from experiencing life to its fullest this year.