Latest trends

Latest trends


Are the 90’s back? Many agree that the 90’s are definitely back!  From denim skirts to overalls, scrunchies, converse, chokers. The latest trends also include joggers, peplum shirts and flannels, denim jackets, don’t forget swing and t-shirt dresses. Wearing a baseball cap is always a necessity.

Lately you see someone people wearing something like this, a perfect fall outfit! Abby Townsend has the cutest style, she is wearing overalls, a striped shirt, converse, choker and boxer braids!


The latest hair trends are, bubble braids, pull through braids, top knots, beach waves, boxer braids, fishtails and french braids, fishtail pigtails, and messy buns are the new trends with hair. Silver is a definite must!


Some recently popular shoes include, converse, yeezys, adidas, jesus sandals, teva sandals, saltwater sandals, birkenstocks.

Mens trends are bursting with buttons, khakis, and converse, joggers, denim jackets, and flannels, baseball caps. Breakfast club is back and better than ever! Most agree that joggers, a t-shirt and a flannel is the perfect outfit for any day, and don’t forget converse, and jesus sandals.