Musical Talents

Musical Talents

There are many talented people in our school that we don’t know about because we are mostly focused on band, orchestra, and choir because they are programs here at the school. So of course they get mentioned in the news. We are missing out on other talent like the three people I interviewed for proof that there is talent in other people besides band, orchestra, and choir.

Katie Cox is a Sophomore at American Fork High School and she plays the piano. She has been playing for nine years. Music and the feeling of it inspires her. She has even made her own songs; she said she can’t count how many she’s made but definitely more than fifteen. Her songs are mostly about love for friends, family, and other relationships. She likes all kind of music from pop to opera. Playing the piano gives her a way to feel. Katie had tried America’s Got Talent and it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s trying out for the voice in a few years to show everyone her amazing talent. So let’s all cheer her on!

Another person I interviewed was Ashley Arnson. She is a Sophomore, like Katie, at American Fork High School and she plays the guitar. She loves to play her guitar and sometimes she brings her guitar to school so she can share her talent with others. She wants to get better at her skills and performing new rhythms and just improving. She said, “I’ll keep playing until the music dies.” She’s really passionate about playing her guitar and she always wants to improve on what she’s doing. I asked her what inspires her and she said “my own curiosity and desire to have a passion for something.” She has always loved music itself which also plays a huge part in what inspires her. She’s wanted to write her own songs so she could inspire people with her own words. She has written some original songs about being yourself and not being afraid or giving up. Some of her favorite artists she’s striving to be like are Vance Joy, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes. “The guitar allows me to express my feelings trapped deep inside me.” Music makes her feel better.

The last person I interviewed was Keshawn Rasband. He is also a Sophomore at American Fork High School and he plays the guitar like Ashley. When he started to play he didn’t know how to play at all but over time it became a big part of him and he fell in love with playing. He plays almost everyday. He started playing the guitar three years ago. His grandma, on Christmas Eve, gave him his first guitar. She told him that music had actually been a part of the family and had a long line of musicians. He tried to play it after she gave him the guitar and he broke it. Then two weeks later his grandma died. He decided to pick up the guitar again and try to play it, so he tried his hardest and even got a book. He started playing it on and off, then the next summer he ended up practicing up to five hours every day. He learned a lot over the painful hours he had to spend training his hands to maneuver the instrument. He says it was a lot of fun and that it was a new world to him. Not just his grandma inspired him though, other musicians have inspired him as well. “I’ve been inspired by other musicians all over to become better. It’s another language, it’s another way to connect with people and come together as one.” Like Ashley and Katie; he said he loves to play because he gets to let out his emotions in a cool sound and tone. He says it lets him live in the moment and he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

We are missing out on other people’s talents because we aren’t looking for them. We focus on the school programs, although amazing, they are not the only inspirations here. These are only three people out of the whole school so who knows what other talent could be hiding in the shadows.