By: Hannah Jensen

The Importance of Breakfast Foods

Since Grade school we have been told, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and over and over it has been proven to be so. So why is it that so many of us still skip out on breakfast, even when we know it’s important? What it mostly boils down to, is waking up. It’s hard to wake up. Many of us struggle with it. We hit snooze a few more times than necessary, rush to make ourselves look presentable, and grab our bags to rush out the door to make it to school on time, missing out on what should be the most important part of our morning, breakfast.

Breakfast jumpstarts your day. It provides nutrients and a boost of energy for our bodies to start a new day. Your body has gone a long time without food while you’re sleeping, so when you wake up your body naturally begins to crave food. Eating breakfast is something you should have a desire for as well. Remember that what you eat for breakfast plays a large role in the way you feel throughout the day.

So for those of us who fit into the categories of “too tired” and “would rather sleep for 10 more minutes”, there’s a simple solution for not missing out on this healthy habit. Breakfast on the go! The healthiest way to “grab and go” is fresh fruits including bananas, apples, berries, any kinds of fresh or dried fruit. Granola bars or protein bars are also great for a grab and go breakfast. Toast is a good way to provide your body with a boost of energy. Breakfast is a good way to balance your diet. Eating something healthy in the morning rather than a cinnamon roll, or Kneaders French Toast with caramel syrup will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy, like a veggie filled omelet with bacon on the side because, although it would be delicious every morning, it’s not realistic.

Eating a balanced breakfast will help your body respond to everyday life positively. Making a little extra time in the morning to eat breakfast might increase your chances of meal variety or even just give you time to relax and eat your food. Refueling rather than scrambling to find anything to eat before your stomach eats itself, is more efficient. So Cavemen, try to make a better habit of keeping your body healthy and strong!