AF vs. LP Volleyball Game

Photo: Hannah Jensen
Photo: Hannah Jensen

Volleyball is a very interactive sport. It’s loud, and it’s entertaining. The AF vs. LP game last night was a close set of matches. Between the countless handshakes and fantastic strength, our lady Cavemen fought to the end.

During the first set AF lost with the score of 12 to25. All the girls on the team worked very hard to keep the ball in play and continue each rally.

The second set the girls won, with a score of 25 to 16. Our lady Cavemen fought back showing Lone Peak we can take them.

The third set seemed to be the most engaging. It was a fighting match, each team trying to push ahead their points, Cavemen one down, then one ahead, two down then three ahead… Coach Durrant called in the girls varsity for a time out and a reevaluation to win this next set. Back and forth the ladies and knights went, trying their best to win the intense rallies. American Fork wins a rally pulling them ahead 15 to 14. One Peak then scores some aces, climbs ahead by four points just before a second time out was called, leaving the score remained at 22 to 18. With a tough fight the Lone Peak Knights took the set with an ending score of 25 to 21.

In the last match our varsity team worked very hard together to accomplish what they came for, a victory. Although we were defeated by the Knights yesterday evening, it was a close match. The final set score was 19 to 25. Our ladies held their own yesterday and showed Lone Peak what they are made of. Nice job ladies! Come support our volleyball teams on their next game, Thursday October 13th, at six o’clock, here at American Fork High! Hope to see you there, go Cavemen!