The Smash Bros. Monthly Report for October

The Smash Bros. Monthly Report for October

Three AFHS students travelled to Salt Lake City for one purpose. That purpose was Smash Bros. Every month a Smash tournament is hosted at Kafeneio in SLC. Since it happens every month it is referred to as a “monthly”. During monthlies, the best players from all over the state gather together for a competitive night of Smash. It is a fierce competition that many partake in.

There are several events that happen throughout the day. First there are Smash Bros. Melee doubles followed by Melee singles. Afterwards comes Smash 4 doubles then singles. The singles started around 4 PM and ended around 11:30 PM. Gus, a Smash player from AFHS was one of the students that went to the tournament. He, along with the other two, participated in the singles only. He was asked about how he felt about this tournament and he replied by saying “I’m feeling confident” before later adding “I did not sleep much”.

Before the singles started players played each other in what is referred to as “friendlies”. Friendlies are where you fight other players without it being scored. It’s a nice way for players to warm up and shake off some of those tournament nerves. Friendlies happened before, and after the event.

Certain matches of the event were streamed as well on the Gamer’s Abbey (Utah Smash) Twitch channel. Key matches such as the semi finals, finals and grand finals were streamed. Random matches before that were streamed as well. There were two commentator seats that any player not currently in a match could sit in and commentate matches.

There were eight brackets and the winner of each would then fight another bracket winner. If one lost they were sent to the losers bracket. Losers bracket players would generally fight others in the same bracket. If someone went 0-2/1-2 in the tournament they could be placed into the amateur bracket. The winner of which would get 10% of the money earned. The person who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the pro bracket got prize money.

Overall the tournament was very well run by the Tourney organizers. There were plenty of set ups for both tournament matches and friendlies. There was plenty to do before, during, and after the event. There is a monthly that happens on the second Saturday of every month. It costs $15 dollars to enter and participate in the tournament ($5 if you bring a full set up). Remember, there is always room for more competitive Smash players so if you think you got what it takes to win; feel free to enter!