Photo by: Garrett Johns

AF vs Skyline Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse is a mix between soccer, hockey, and a little something different. Girls lacrosse is different than boys. In men’s lacrosse they wear pads and helmets because they are allowed to check and tackle. Girls are not allowed to use that technique because of their body formation. Instead, girls wear goggles. In the fall, they play in the “Super Sevens” league. Instead of twelve players on the field, there are only seven. They do not play positions so they must run the entire way. The league is much closer to recreation than competitive, but in the spring they participate more intensely.

Last night AF took on Skyline High’s lacrosse team. Just before the feud begins, number one goalie, Sierra Savage, leads the team in a roaring cheer hyping up the players for an intense game. With mouth guards in and hearts pounding, the ball is drawn and the teams clash. The girls run back and forth, blocking and dodging. The first score was by Skyline. Then AF #9 ties the score. They keep at it, not giving up. Player #2 pulls ahead the score with another side shot. Penalties are being thrown every which way because the aggressive girls are not showing any mercy. They keep pushing and pulling trying to win over the ball. Skyline takes over and scores another point tying the game again, but not for long. Players #9 and #13 rank up two more points keeping it a close game. The whistle blows for half time and the exhausted players huddle for a pep-talk. The break is over and the anxious girls wait for the ball to be drawn again. The brawl continues with the same full heartedness. There are a lot of close shots and both teams keep pressing forward. The ball is getting tossed every which way. Their ball, our ball, their ball, ground ball, then our ball again. Finally, #12 scores another point keeping AF in the lead. Then out of nowhere Skyline cranks up two more points and the whistle blows for time. The surprised team rushes the field cheering for their victory of 5-4. American Fork finishes their season with a victorious win. Way to go girls! Hope to see you next season! Go Caveman!