Christmas around the world

Christmas around the world

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own special way. Some families only celebrate Hanukkah, others only celebrate Christmas. No matter how you celebrate Christmas each is important and unique. But does anyone know how others around the world celebrate Christmas?  

In Zimbabwe, Christmas starts out with a church service, then families go and visit relatives, and friends on the way back home from church. Many people bring out huge speakers and blast music. All of the people are dressed very nicely because that is the only day that most people there get new clothes. The holiday food eaten there is chicken and rice. The reason why this is so special is because chicken in Zimbabwe is extremely expensive.

The next place is Australia. Most decorate the house with ‘Christmas Bushes’ which is native in Australia. The tree has cream flowers, but during the Christmas season the flowers turn a deep red. One of the holiday tradition is a day called Boxing Day, where families visit and have a day on the beach. Another tradition is called The Flying Doctor Service, this where friends and family that live in the outback send greetings over the radio. On Christmas day the main meal is at lunch and the traditional food is to have a barbeque with sea prawns, lobster, and Christmas crackers.

Moving to China, few people are Christian, which means very few people actually celebrate Christmas. Only big cities celebrate Christmas. Most of the citizens don’t have trees, so they have huge ones in the cities. In China, Santa is called ‘Sheng dan lao ren’ which means Old Christmas Man. The people that are Christian will go to Midnight Mass, midnight mass is a Christian ceremony that celebrates the birth Jesus Christ. One of the most popular traditions is to give apples on Christmas Eve. For the Chinese the symbolism is because in Chinese Christmas Eve is called “Ping’an Ye” meaning peaceful. The word for apple in Mandarin is “píngguǒ” which sounds like the word for peace.

In Canada the celebrations are extremely similar to how people celebrate here in America. The food that is always served on Christmas  is roast turkey with vegetables. The Santa Claus parade is one of the most famous parades and has been since 1913. Although there are many different cultures, so celebrations differ. For the french the tradition is, having a huge feast called ‘Réveillon’ which takes place Christmas eve night, and lasts till the early hours on Christmas Day. Another is the Ukrainians have a feast with up to 12 courses on Christmas day! The last is after the Christmas season, usually on January 6 is a tradition called “La Fete du Roi” which is where a cake is made and then a bean is stuck in the middle, and whoever gets the bean is the king or queen.

In Argentina a nativity is called  ‘pesebre’, and is an important Christmas decoration. Most celebrate Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. The main meals are eaten Christmas eve starting at 10pm or 11pm. Most people eat roasted turkey and roasted pork and in Northern Argentina some people will eat goat, stuffed tomatoes, salads and Christmas breads and puddings like ‘Pan Dulce’ and Panettone. At midnight fireworks are set off  to begin the Christmas Day.  Instead of celebrating Christmas the usual way people do, celebrate like one of these places. There are many different ways to celebrate Christmas, and only a couple were mentioned. Maybe this year celebrate Christmas a new way.