Kamryn Welling credit:Garret Johns

December: Kamryn Welling — Student Talent of the Month

The Forkaster is excited to introduce our student talent of the month blog, to be released monthly. The students of the month, are chosen only by other students, and receives absolutely zero teacher or administration influence.


For the first ever student of the month we chose Kamryn Welling, who has won her place as the English Sterling Scholar this year. She believes that “Being able to write is an incredible asset in almost all circumstances.” Many jobs in the 21st century require at least some writing, including emails, proposals, reports and presentations. Still, a number of jobs exist for job seekers who don’t feel comfortable writing, or prefer other job functions, although many of these require more physical stamina and manual dexterity. “I am a firm believer that being talented with words is a gift that will help me through many things! Whether it be college classes, job applications, or even email composition, I know I can do great things with the things I say or write.”


We asked her to give us some of her poetry for us to highlight, her first is a christmas inspired-Symbolistic Holiday.


The tops of the evergreens

Sprinkled with snow

I sit on the mountain,

and gaze on below

The people are happy,

The music is bright

But something has troubled me

This cold December night

For in every house

Presents now lay

Their bright bows and colors

Awaiting the day

But where is the spirit?

The love and the joy?

The gifts have taken over-

A holiday ploy

As Christmas approaches,

Let us keep in mind,

This time of year

To be happy and kind


In the second work of poetry she submitted to us, she talks candidly about her life at school and home; she speaks to the power that words, or the lack thereof, have in communication. “I have a deep love for the people surrounding me, and I often write about their skills and personalities.”



It is November 5th and I listen to the boy next to me obnoxiously chew saltines during a grueling math test. But I stay silent.

I run my fingers in delicate patterns along my best friend’s spine as he complains of consequence

But I am quiet

I am spoken at instead of spoken to by adult males that feel like my response is not necessary

It is my lack of interruption, however,

That tells him my thoughts.

I can say more with silence than you can with crass arguments of politics and disputation

Because I promise you there are ideas that are better conveyed without sound

On the days I see my father I concentrate on his uneven footsteps, bedridden with Parkinson’s and a garden of medicines- his heart is pure but his body is not.

Oftentimes he cannot speak

His mouth is frozen in the attempt.

This comes with quiet anger, a frustrated display on a man who only wants love, but struggles to explain it

Do not try to tell me that words are necessary for communication because I know my father loves me, even when the scowl on his face is permanent.

But words do have the power to alter perceptions if properly assembled

I said I love you 37 times today and I meant every single one- each with different depths

I am reading the book les miserable and the themes of sincerity insert thoughts of compassion in my mind

I am left speechless and inspired after every read

Do not try to tell me that speech is purely phonetics and assembly- I refuse to live by construction and not design

It is the use of words, or the lack thereof, that gifts simplicity with inspiration


Kamryn’s family lives just down the street from where I do, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time with her father; I can easily say that he really is one of the most endearing men I’ve ever met. While many of you know kamryn, you will know that the apple truly did not fall far from the tree. “My father and I have a very interesting relationship-most of which is nothing more than small talk and conversation. But every once in awhile he’ll really show true emotion and it is times like those that give me hope! It shows me the importance of love and compassion even if words are not the most prevalent thing involved.”


“My fellow classmen have inspired many beautiful things because of the relationships I have with them! There are some incredible people that go to American Fork High School, and I am more than honored to attend classes with them every day.” We at the forkaster wish Kamryn the best in her pursuits, and thank her for her talents. We will see you in school tomorrow!