Holiday Classics

Holiday Classics

Christmas Classics

Growing up, December was the most magical month of the year. I was enchanted by the hot chocolate, sledding, and cuddling up by the fireplace while listening to my favorite Christmas music. What I remember most; though, about those beautiful days of December, was that each Christmas Eve my mom would come to my siblings and I with matching pajamas, wrapped in silver and gold paper. We would slip them on and curl up against the couch to watch our beloved Christmas classics. Holiday movies take us back to our childhood and remind us of the excitement we once felt in that precious month of December.

Through all of the commotion and madness of the holidays, taking a little bit of time to sit down and relax is always fun. Here are 8 family favorite Christmas movies for this winter season.

Home Alone- One of the most adored classics of all time; Home Alone fills your heart with laughter when a boy who is accidentally left behind as his family goes to paris for the holidays has to defend his home from robbers while his parents struggle to get back to him.

It’s a Wonderful life- It takes a very skilled director to make a movie about a man having suicidal thoughts one of the happiest, most well remembered christmas classics of all time. When an angel comes to him showing him what others lives would be without him,  it shows all of the impact that this man has on others lives. It is a beautifully done movie, that moves you to tears through its marvelous simplicity.

A Christmas Story-  As Ralphie Parker  struggles with winter, middle school bullies, and his dad’s “colorful” use of language, the only thing keeping him going is his dream of getting a Red Rider beebee gun.

The Muppet Christmas Carol- An awfully mean old man who hates christmas is taken on a journey through the past present and future, showing him who he has affected through his unkind personality. Throughout the movie you are emotionally moved as he experiences his life through others eyes.

Frosty the Snowman

Rudolf the Rednose reindeer

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

If you have not watched any of the three above, you better get started, these are the christmas originals. Cheesy, but that’s all the fun! These movies are especially heartwarming, slightly creepy, and adorable.

Elf- This goofy holiday movie starts with an oversize elf from the north pole who goes on an adventure to find his long lost father. Filled with laughs, and many quotable lines, elf is phenomenal piece. 

Grab a bag of popcorn, some snacks, a warm blanket, and enjoy the Holidays with these incredible movies!