By: Garrett Johns

The Meaning of Christmas

During this time of year a lot of tv shows and movies like to ask the question “what is the meaning of christmas?”. They always say something specific, but for others it may be something completely different. The two most common meanings of Christmas are giving and family, but although they are great there could be many different reasons for others.


Christmas may be a time for you to get everything you’ve ever wanted and stuff yourself with the best dinner you’ve ever had, but for some people it may be a different story. Other families may not even have food on their table or have a table at all. So many people are grateful for what they have especially this time of year because someone out there may have nothing this Christmas. It is the time you give back to people who need things like food, water, clothes, and shelter. They don’t expect anything in return because the best thing you can get back is a smile.


During Christmas the whole family gets to come together and have a fun time, but for some people it may be the only time they get to see their distant relatives. They cherish every moment they have with them because it’s the only way they can see them. Every second counts for them.  


I personally think that Christmas is about when I get to see my whole family together when they can’t come for any other holidays. It may mean something else to you but that’s what it means to me. So what does Christmas mean to you?