Photo By: Garret Johns

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Why have ugly Christmas sweaters become a holiday tradition? A trip to the DI to find the most gaudy red and green wool sweater, raiding your great aunt’s closet for the best 1970s christmas turtleneck, WHY? Because it’s a silly tradition that has sprouted in the last several decades that is now more popular than ever.

Bill Cosby is the ultimate ugly sweater idol. As Cliff Huxtable on the 80’s sitcom he wore every color and design that clashed, all year round. One ugly Christmas sweater example is seen in the Jim Carrey film How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch made his way down to Whoville and was crowned at the christmas cheermeister, he wore the ultimate ugly sweater and he wore it proudly. These are only a few examples of of how wearing ugly Christmas sweaters have become part of our culture; wearing an oversized sweater that will never flatter anyone, in any way.

This tradition has sparked ugly Christmas sweater parties since the late 90s, and is a clever way to bring together a crowd for a good laugh and holiday fun. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for no special event is a very hipster style now days. You can find them at vintage stores, Goodwill, the DI,  or the salvation army, but the trend continues. Fred Hajjar, a co-founder of said, “What we’ve seen is ugly Christmas sweaters have become a mass appeal product,”. High end fashion stores such as H&M, Target and Nordstrom now are selling intentionally made ugly sweaters in stores and online. The fun continues as the tradition becomes bigger and bigger each year.

Whether or not you have come to terms with this hideous tradition, it always seems to bring a happy laugh, and a fun throwback element. It’s also a cozy, practical, and humorous way to stay warm during the cold winter months. So this christmas see what you can find, have authenticity,  be creative, and let’s see you wearing your ugly sweaters proudly!